Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your modes of payment?

    Answer: We currently only have GCash, PayPal, and Credit Card.

  2. Is COD available?

    Answer: Cash On Delivery (COD) is not available.

  3. Do you accept Cash Pickup?

    Answer: No to Cash Pickup.

  4. Available for Pickup?

    Answer: Yes, available for pickup once paid.

  5. Is it the customers who must shoulder the shipping charges?

    Answer: Yes, the shipping fee will be charged to the customer.

  6. Can I post it on my Shopee account, then you prepare the order?

    Answer: Yes, it can be. We will prepare the order but, if the courier needs a waybill, we will not be able to ship the items.

  7. If someone order to me, what will be the process?

    Answer: Place the order on and paid the amount using the available payment method. Make sure that the shipping address will be your customer’s address.

  8. Do you issue a Sales Invoice?

    Answer: We don’t issue a Sales Invoice since the price is vat exclusive.

  9. Proper packaging?

    Answer: Yes. We make sure that the products are accurate to order and in proper packaging.

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